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StimulAIS consortium has participated in the development of dissemination activities (in the frame of the dissemination plan), in order to promote R&D achievements.

Result of this work is the attached article "Non-invasive treatment for spinal curvature in children", where, after providing a context of the AIS pathology, the updated project progress is exposed.

Several of the project’s initial aims have already been fulfilled, bringing StimulAIS’ novel
proposition significantly nearer to commercial realisation. Initial prototypes have been prepared for ethics committee authorisation of definitive animal experiments, which must
precede in vivo tests on humans and full rollout into the marketplace.

An overview of next follow-on project aims is provided in order to validate the full system in clinical trials and up-scale production towards industrialization.


StimulAIS project has been selected for a special edition publication due to its relevance in the healthcare sector, and it will be published together with other cutting edge technological projects in "Science, technology and innovation PROJECTS. Issue 37" (by INSIGHT Publishers).


The article can be downloaded by clicking in the title of this dissemination note.

It can also be visited at:


In addition, a brochure with a StimulAIS special edition has been created, containing the above-mentioned article.


The brochure will be distributed in all congresses, fairs and events that are considered relevant. 250 copies of the brochure have been printed for this purpose.