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The StimulAIS project started on November 2012 and will end on October 2014. The project is structured in several work packages (WP) lead by different partners of the Consortium. The WPs mainly consist of technical work, but they also take into account management and exploitation strategies activities.


The management structure has been established with the aim of providing an effective project monitoring and control. In fact, four main organizational figures will be used to manage the project. The final management organizational structure is shown in the figure.

SME partners hold the decision making power within the consortium, while RTD subcontractors are responsible of the delivery of technical work.

The four figures involved in the Management Structure and the related assigned tasks are next presented:

  1. Project Coordinator: the coordinator of the project is Mr. Álvaro Alonso Maturana (Manager of TEQUIR). He is responsible of interfacing with the REA, communication amongst the Partners and between Partners and REA. Moreover, he supervises the correct execution of the project and is in charge of the overall financial, administrative and legal aspects related with the project management.
  2. Technical Coordination Committee: this Committee is in charge of assuring successful and on-time execution of all the technical/scientific activities. It is composed by the Work Package Leaders (one for each Work Package) and is lead by the Technical Manager through the person of Mrs. Magdalena Bresó Peris (R&D Manager of TEQUIR).
  3. Exploitation and Dissemination Committee: it is committee is composed by one member from each SME. It is responsible for the definition of the exploitation strategy, the delivery of the Business Plan and the coordination of the Dissemination activities. This Committee is coordinated by the Exploitation and Dissemination Manager in the person of Mr. Carlos Paez (Commercial Manager of SYNIMED).
  4. Steering Committee: it includes one representative of each partner, including the Project Coordinator and the Exploitation and Dissemination Manager. The Project Coordinator, Mr. Álvaro Alonso Maturana, will act as chair of this committee, ensuring that correct procedures are used, and will establish consensus in case of disagreement. This committee will collaborate with the Exploitation and Dissemination Committee in order to guarantee the confidentiality and the respect of the IPR of each member.



Several meetings have been planned during the development of the project. These meetings include Consortium Meetings and Interim Reviews. Consortium Meetings are arranged between the partners of the StimulAIS project, while Interim Reviews are arranged by the Project Officer of the European Community to supervise the development of the project. Here we show the planning of our meetings:





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Intermediate meeting on 21 May 2014, UPV Valencia


Project Funded by EU Seventh Framework.

Students Love Technology This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement No 315327