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The Six-Months Meeting of the StimulAIS project took place last 16th April 2013 at Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS, in Dresden, Germany.

The results of the deliverables of the first work package were presented to the Consortium, and the members clarified some questions that are important for the next stages. The next technical steps of the project were established, and also this webpage was introduced to the partners.

At the moment, the Consortium has reached the main objectives of the project planned for this period, such as the study of software and hardware feasibility, or the definition of the main stimulation parameters that the system will require. The results obtained during this period have allowed the partners to start working in the next work packages, where the Consortium expects to obtain the first prototypes of the system.

In parallel, the whole Consortium is involved in the definition of the main risks to which the system has to deal with, taking into account European applicable standards.

Consortium members arranged next technical meetings that will take place by videoconference in the next months.This is a picture of the StimulAIS team members that attended this meeting.



The partners of the StimulAIS project have arranged the Six-Months Consortium Meeting. This meeting will take place in Fraunhofer-IPMS facilities, in Dresden, Germany, on Tuesday 16th April 2013.

All the partners will be represented in the meeting and will have the opportunity to better know the state of the project and to plan next technical work.

In addition, this webpage will be introduced to the Consortium members.